How to watch seasonal anime

Most people in the anime community now a days seem to only watch the new anime coming out. This is a big problem in of itself, but the worst part is that they are not even doing it correctly. The way the community generally goes about watching seasonal shows is by picking a few anime at random, as well as the ones that seem to be the most watched. The anime are usually picked based off their premise, studio, and cover art. Sometimes even their PV. The slightly better way people pick out the anime they watch is basing it off the staff team working on it or the quality of the original source material if any.

The biggest problem with this method of consuming anime is that 9/10 times these people are missing out on the great anime that maybe aren’t so popular. Fall 2016 for instance, people left and right were talking about shows like Yuri on Ice, Haikyuu, and Drifters, but great anime like Stella no Mahou and ViVid Strike were left out to rot.

The ideal way to watch seasonal anime is to watch the first episode of everything that you can get your hands on. Most would probably say that they wouldn’t have the time to watch the first episode of everything, but I feel that the people saying this go by “the three episode rule” in which they have to watch the first three episodes of everything in order to determine its quality. Blasphemy, I would argue that you could determine the quality of an anime by the first ten minutes, sometimes even less than that. If an anime failed to entice the viewer by the first half of its episode, it’s most likely a bad anime.

It took just a few hours of my day to watch the first episode of everything from Spring 2017 (not counting the children’s anime or the sequel anime). Through doing this I have ran into some real treasures such as Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism that I would not have found if it weren’t for blindly watching everything. The time investment is worth it.


4 thoughts on “How to watch seasonal anime”

  1. Oh boy. The first episode rule is actually something animation studios has taken into account when making anime. They’d create high quality first episodes, but then the quality decline in the middle or so. That’s why the three episode rule exist. Most studio cannot keep high quality that long, and most stories develop at the 3rd episode mark.
    There’s really no right way to watch anime. You have your own way, and people have their own. Of course not everyone is willing to watch every anime in a lineup. Some prefer to watch those that they know cater to their own taste. There’s nothing wrong with that.


    1. By the three episode rule, I’m mostly referring to people that watch more than 1 episode of an anime even if they didn’t like the first episode. But yeah, people can watch new anime however they want. I just don’t see the point in guessing what the good shows are going to be, when there is no way you would know how good it is until you watch it.


      1. what are you talking about? you’re mad that people watch more than one episode of a show they don’t like, but you want them to watch shows for more than one episode to know if its good?!
        I understand you have an axe to grind, but I think you’re contradicting yourself. I had to read your comment a couple of times just to make sure, lol.


      2. When was I mad? When did I ever imply people should watch more than 1 episode of an anime to see if it’s good? If you don’t like the first episode, drop it, nothing more to it than that. I can’t find the contradiction you’re talking about.


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