Amanchu Review

Like most anime directed by Junichi Sato, Amanchu is an anime drowned in a very soothing type of atmosphere. It has long landscape shots, peaceful music, a beautiful art style, and an overall feels-good vibe. Though this does not mean that there isn’t drama. Amanchu follows the emotional internal conflict of Futaba Ooki. Who spends too much time looking back at the memories she has of her old friends. She lives in a vast city, with tons of places to go and many new memories to make. But Ooki doesn’t notice any of this due to her phone always in front of her face.

Pikari is the vehicle to getting Ooki out of her boring and mellow life. When the two meet at the new year in high school, Pikari bugs her to get into the scuba diving club. Ooki joining this club was a great method to help her become a better person since this means she would have to start socializing with other people and would have to work as a team. Throughout the run of this anime, Ooki learns to see the beauty around her and to let go of her past. Which are the strong themes that keep Amanchu afloat.

Even the most mellow episodes of Amanchu end off with me being happy and uplifted enough to start the next episode. There honestly isn’t enough for me to say about this anime other than that I was more consistently happy watching it than any other anime I could think of (maybe Flying Witch). 9/10.